A weekend that was worth the wait #Broncos #Kids #DnD

I was excited for this weekend, and it was worth the wait in most cases. We got some stuff done. Many cookies were sold. Jimmy had a great wrestling tournament. My own game went very well. And I was able to enjoy the Broncos game in the peace and quiet of my car. Worth the odd week leading up to it.

Kim and I had a productive morning on Saturday before the wrestling tournament. We put the kids to work getting the house picked up, and reclaiming the main rooms from the chaos of the odd week. And we still managed to get our shopping done like we needed to. The kids were pretty good the entire weekend which was nice.

So a week into the sales and Emily is already half way to her goal! And that is not all just sales by Kim and I at work. A lot of those sales have been done by her, as Kim has gotten her out all over the neighborhood, to the many strip malls in our area. She is doing very well. I am proud of her work on this. But I do have to say that as much as this is a family effort I am personally getting a little tired of the wrangling of cookies. But after this initial surge things should calm down a little.

Jimmy had a very good tournament this weekend. He placed fourth in the bracket. Which may not seem all that great, but he was wrestling some of the top wrestlers in the state. And he held his own. Winning his first two matches by pin. Losing two by points, but not a major. And only getting pinned by the top wrestler in the state in their weight bracket. It has been a lot of hard work to get here, and there is definitely work to do. But he is making great strides.

I had a good time at the Denver game. It was a different dynamic without Jimmy there. But it was still good. And it was a truly epic battle, which lasted much alter than we normally play. Which meant that when I was done I just made a brief stop to drop off some cookies at my brothers, but did not stay to watch the game. Electing to get back on the road.

And the game. I am happy with my decision to not stay home and watch it live on TV. From everything I read, and what I did listen to on the radio, which was part of the third quarter and the entire fourth quarter, it was a tense game that would have been very stressful to watch. And with a large group of family at our house to watch it I would have been even more stressed. So skipping the first half in order to have fun playing a game, and then just listening to the rest on the radio, was definitely the best way for me to experience it.

Any discussion of the game cannot go by without a mention of the socks, just because it is fun. In August we had a family tie dyeing day. And one of the things I did was a pair of Broncos socks, orange and blue. I then proceeded to make a point to where the socks on almost every Sunday of the season, even if I wasn’t watching the game. By the end of the season they were pretty beat up. And the colors were awfully faded. But I wore them one last time, and when I went to bed I could take them off and throw them away as the season was over. And I can look forward to making another pair next summer.


A stress free game. Another fun game. And some other good family events and quiet evenings all added up to a good weekend. And now that the weather is partially back to normal and we have a full week, life can hopefully calm down a little.



At last, the weekend, and something big is happening I think #Family #Broncos #DnD

What an odd strange week it has been. Multiple snow days, Kim working an oddball schedule, it has made the week seem both shorter and longer. Short, because I did not have my normal morning routine with the kids for 3 days. Long, because I am really excited for the weekend to come. And we have done really well for Emily.

The kids had a good time with those extra days off. Played lots of games. Went sledding multiple times. Had friends over or went over to a friends. And I have to give them credit, the house did not end up a disaster, which I half way expected, so that is a step in the right direction.

Poor Kim had to work some oddball shifts this week at work. Not due to the snow, just because of some other work. Which meant that our normal evenings were not the same, with her going to bed much earlier. That threw me off as well. Although I was trying to get on my new morning routine which meant trying to go to bed a little earlier so it wasn’t completely bad, it was just different.

And the sledding contributed to something else. The thing about anxiety is that it can make little stuff seem or feel much bigger. So the last time Danny went sledding he must have landed wrong and hurt his back. And given his issue with anxiety that has made the last two mornings a serious battle. His back hurts, and his anxiety magnifies that, and when I tell him to get up and get moving he has broken down into tears and fits. We had a talk about it at therapy last night, but it did not change things this morning, except my approach was a little gentler. I just have to remember this. And we did talk about a different approach to the morning wake up moving forward anyway.

So tomorrow is wrestling again. But thankfully the tournament is local, so it will not be as much of an ordeal for us to all go. And Emily has a cookie booth right afterwards. So it will be a mildly hectic Saturday.

Sunday is the Big Day! I get to go to Denver and play D&D without Jimmy! Oh wait, I guess it is also the Super Bowl, and the Broncos are in the game. The thing is, this season has been so difficult, with close game after close game, that we are just worn out as fans. Both Kim and I are agreed that we cannot muster up a lot of excitement at this point. So I made the choice early on to attend my monthly game anyway. And I am far more excited about that than I am the game. At the request of the other players Jimmy is no longer coming with us (they wanted a more ‘adult’ game.) I will stop at my brothers after my game to see how the other game is going. And deliver some cookies.

Yes, that is another mention of Girl Scout Cookies. We are really getting fully behind Emily and her cookie sales this year. We started selling on Sunday, and have already sold almost 200 boxes! Her goal of 750 boxes is definitely within reach. I am having fun selling some at work. And making a point to take some up to Denver for the gaming guys, and the family as well. And Kim has taken Emily out for some door to door sales as well. She has probably sold almost 70 boxes doing that herself. Not all the sales are from our co-workers.

It has been one of those weeks. But the weekend promises to be worth the wait. And then life should return a little closer to normal next week.

A full weekend, with much to be happy for. #Broncos #Family #Wrestling

That was a full, but tiring weekend. I am happy with everything that we did. It was definitely a fun filled weekend. And now we can really begin to move on to the next phase of things.



Saturday was spent on another wrestling tournament. Jimmy did very well. He came in second. And was very close to first. The kid who did place first beat Jimmy in the first match, but it was close, going to a fourth period. And I think Jimmy had him beat early on, but this referee for some reason would not call a pin on a cradle. But that’s all right. It was a good tournament for Jimmy and a good confidence booster. If he can keep up this back and forth of winning or placing high in the B division, versus being competitive in the A bracket, he will just keep getting better.

It was a good tournament overall. Although I had to shelter myself a few times when things got overwhelming with people arguing and causing controversy. We then had a good meal after that. And picked up Danny from a sleep over and day spent with his cousin. And returned home for a game night.


We taught the young ones how to play Settlers of Catan. Which is a really fun game. They had a good time overall. Until the dice did their thing, and Jimmy was able to get himself in position to blitz out a win. Which happens some times. The odds were not in favor of what he did, it was just the right amount of long odd dice rolls in a row. So Emily especially was a little ticked off. But we helped explain how unusual that was. And then she decided she came in second and was happy with the result. It was a good evening overall, even if it was a long, tiring, day.

Sunday was another full day. First we got up, had breakfast, and then took the little ones for haircuts. Danny was definitely getting a little shaggy. And Emily had finally surrendered to the inevitability that her hair is just too curly for her to really take care of properly on a day to day basis. She got hers cut real short. But it was very cute.


After the haircuts and grocery shopping we got home and I ran the D&D game for the boys. This time with Danny joining in. He had a good time, and did well enough that they welcomed him as a regular member of the group. Kim and Emily then ran some errands. And then returned to watch the Broncos game.

We finished near the end of the third quarter so I was able to watch the end of the game. Which I enjoyed. I am definitely happy the Broncos won. And I think it is fitting that they won in the same fashion they won all year: a close game, coming down to the wire, with a dominant Defense coming up with the clinching play. I am glad for Manning to have one more shot, and a shot at going out like Elway. That said, I have made up my mind that I will go up to Denver to play D&D instead of staying home to host the game. Given the way these football games go, there’s a chance we might be home by the fourth quarter. Which will hopefully be all I need to watch. And, to be honest, I sort of prefer not to watch these games in large groups, watching it in isolation or just with Kim is enough for me.

It was a fun weekend. With plenty of fun events for family and kids. Everything turned out close to how I would have wanted. And we are getting much closer to a time when life will really settle down.


The beauty of it is I can’t lose #Weekend #Football #DnD

This weekend is the Broncos AFC Conference Championship game. And I cannot lose, so no pressure on me. We have Jimmy’s Saturday wrestling tournament. And I am running the boys game on Sunday. Basically a pretty average weekend.

Yeah it is the Conference Championship game, winner goes to the Super Bowl. And I like one team, and dislike the other team. Which means that, according to my logic, this is a game I could watch and care about the outcome. But there is a hidden factor in here. Which will allow me to comfortably ignore the game to some extent, and be happy with either outcome. The thing is that our Denver game is set for February 7. That is the same date as the Super Bowl. While almost everyone in the Denver game does not care about football I still enjoy it. So the group would prefer not to reschedule the game.

Initially I worried about this. Because if the Broncos win this week they will be playing in the Super Bowl. And I imagine that Kim would like to have people over for the game, which means that I would be obligated to stay home and not go to Denver. Because it wouldn’t be right to have her host a Super Bowl party without me there.

Here is where the cool part about this weekend comes in. There are two outcomes. First, the Broncos win and they go to the Super Bowl. I would be happy about that because, you know Broncos win! And that would be cool. Second, Broncos lose which means no Super Bowl and no guilt for going to Denver.

But, I have done some thinking, and the reality is that even if the Broncos do go to the Super Bowl I will probably still go to Denver. Because that game is more important to me, and definitely more so for Jimmy, than watching the Super Bowl. And I am not certain that Kim would really go out of her way to host a party any way. But that is a bridge to be crossed Sunday evening.

So I am so completely at peace with the possible outcomes of Sunday’s game that I will miss at minimum probably the first half. Because I was looking at the calendar, and realized that next weekend would be problematic to run the boys game for me. Because Saturday is super busy, including a late night, so I will be wiped out on that Sunday the 30th. So I decided to run the boys game this weekend. And set it up before realizing that the game is early. But again, no real problem, I might miss the first half. And then if the game is out of control at that point I can just ignore it entirely.

Bottom line, I cannot lose this weekend and I am very happy with that!

In other news Jimmy has his normal tournament on Saturday. He had not yet put on enough weight to move up a weight bracket before this one. But he is at the top, and with at least better nutrition in him maybe he will have better energy this week.

It is nice to have a regular weekend. Next weekend will be extra busy. And the following weekend has the potential to be crazy. But after that life should really begin to settle down. Looking forward to it.

Returning to normal, a bit shocking

This was a ‘normal’ weekend. Which was a bit shocking to my system. Saturday was a fully relaxed day. Sunday was full, but fun. And musing on an epiphany I had about sports.

Saturday was a quiet day at home. Kim took Jimmy to his tournament, as it was in a smaller gym, and therefore would have been hard to keep the little ones entertained. But I did not have anything planned for the day otherwise. No big house projects, or really any projects. I ended up spending much of the day reading. It was a refreshing change of pace for me.

Jimmy did not have a good tournament. He is running into an odd predicament, he is tall for his weight. And so most of the the top wrestlers at his weight are shorter. So what he really needs to do is work on building up his weight. But he has such good eating habits that it will actually be hard for him to do that (certainly not an issue I have ever had.) I did some research and have given him some tips, some dietary habits for him to follow that are not bad for him in the long run. We will see how that goes.

Sunday was full, but it was normal stuff.  Grocery shopping for the week. D&D with the boys. Followed by the Broncos game. And then a relatively quiet evening, or at least as quiet as it can be with 3 extra teenage boys spending the night as Jimmy had a sleepover. Since today is a day off for the kids for MLK day. And it gives Jimmy a chance to kind of catch up and spend some time with his buddies that he doesn’t see during the week any more.

The Broncos game was a mixed bag. Way too close to really enjoy during the game itself. And more than a little frustrating as there were more than a few miscues and self inflicted wounds.  But the Broncos won, which was a good thing. Although I have to admit even that is a bit of a mixed bag. Because the Super Bowl is the same day as our next Denver game. And if the Broncos are in the Super Bowl I imagine we will end up hosting a party, which means that the Denver game is postponed for 2 weeks. So there is a part of me that kind of hopes that the Broncos lose so I am not forced with having to make that choice. But only a part of me feels that, for the most part I want the Broncos to win.

Which leads into my next thought, an epiphany I had about sports. My Dad came over  on Saturday to watch some of one of the playoff games. He asked me if I had watched the College Championship game. And I was able to put together a coherent reason why I did not watch. I enjoy watching football for the most part, although that enjoyment has waned over the years. And if there is a team I like playing I will definitely try to watch. But, if there is a team playing that I do not like, and the other team is one I don’t much care about, then I can very easily skip watching it. Because in that case all I care about is one team losing, not so much the other team winning. And that just isn’t much fun, watching a game solely in the hopes of a negative result. Which gives me a good rule of thumb for any sport moving forward. Before devoting time to watching the event ask myself: is there a team that I really like? If not, is there a team I don’t like? If not, is it a sport I enjoy watching just to watch? If not, change the channel, turn it off, do something different.

So, the weekend was a mixed bag. A return to those weekends when I could truly relax and enjoy myself. And plenty of things to actually enjoy. But it was such a change that it felt odd to get that time to relax.


I’m gonna miss #WorldCup2014, but something else is coming

Well that Germany – Brazil game was just amazing. I felt bad for Brazil, as a Broncos fan I certainly know what it feels like to see your team just fall apart for a variety of reasons on the biggest stage. But aside from that game, and the U.S. eventually falling in the Elimination round this has been a truly enjoyable couple of weeks. It has really captured my attention.

I have learned far more watching these games than I knew about the game before. And my general appreciation of the game has increased greatly, even over my renewed fervor from last years Rapids games.

And the games helped occupy my attention on 2 days when I would otherwise have been stuck with nothing to do waiting for events to take place.

So thank you World Cup and soccer in general. But most importantly it filled up the biggest whole in the year for sports. The gap between basketball and Football is always a tough one. Even more so as basketball has become less interesting to me. But this year at least I had something else to occupy the part of my mind that is diverted by the best ‘reality shows’ available: sports. And the Cup will wind up just before the opening of Training Camps for the NFL, and the first Preseason games are now less than a month away!

A part of me is interested to see if my new found appreciation of soccer degrades my love of football. I guess only time will tell, and fortunately this year that time is much shorter than it might normally be.

Football (sort of), cleaning, party; just another weekend

Did not get too caught up in watching the NFL draft on TV, mostly relying on online sources, kept me mostly sane. Spent a lot of time getting the house ready (including teaching a new chore.) Hosted our annual Mothers Day event. Just another typical weekend as we get very close to ending the school year.

NFL Draft

Every year I get caught up in what is really a manufactured wholly media event. But I think this year I did a better job of net getting so caught up in it that it became my sole focus. I mean it is certainly an interesting mental exercise to analyze how teams build, and think about if they made the right choice amongst a large pool of players. But it isn’t really sports, which means that it is not much different from watching a TV show about commodity traders or stock brokers making their choices. It really is amazing that the NFL has made such a seemingly boring event into a huge show. Enough commentary, how about my teams?


What do you get the team that came in second in the NFL, and then ‘won’ free agency? This wasn’t a team with a lot of real needs. But it did a good job of getting players that will help this year or at least in the near future. They drafted a Corner who could start in the event of an injury ar at least play in Nickel or Dime situations, strengthening a defense that did need help. The Wide receiver they picked will get to essentially red shirt this year, only playing in a few sets, while he learns the offense and the NFL. And then they improved offensive line depth and linebacker.

They didn’t really get the return guy I wanted. I am assuming they expect to get that help either from some undrafted free agents, existing players or maybe in the second phase of free agency. But that was the only need they didn’t fulfill so I would say it was a good draft for a team that didn’t have to hit any home runs, just not screw up or reach too high for a pick.


Very happy with this draft. No they did not go the exciting route that I had hoped for as a football fan. But as a Rams fan I am happy with what they got. They continued to build along the lines, with top picks on offense and defense. They improved in the secondary. They got my favorite running back, a guy that I think could be a real difference maker. And they continued the franchise tradition of making history.

I am not certain that they got the quarterback of the future.  But they solidified all the other offensive positions so now there current ‘franchise quarterback’ doesn’t really have an excuse. And should he fail, as I was pointing out to a friend, 2015 should see a banner crop of top QB prospects in the draft.


We were hosting a party for Mothers Day. So Saturday morning became cleaning day. And I made the kids do their part, telling them to clean their rooms and basement ‘the way Mommy would’. And they actually did a good job of it. And then I taught Jimmy how to do his new chore, as he has been without a good regular chore since Blaze died. I taught him how to scrub the bathrooms. At one point he asked why he was being asked to do things no one else wanted to do, which got the simple response of “that’s why they are chores and not fun.” But we all did a good job, Kim was happy.

Mothers Day

I made sure Kim got to rest for Mothers Day. I cooked our normal Sunday morning breakfast, dealt with kids, dogs etc. And I did my best to make sure she didn’t do any of the work for the party.

It was a good party, the food was good, and people had a good time. In spite of what would normally be considered an unseasonable snow storm (but with climate change who is to say what is unseasonable any more?) No major battle amongst the cousins and everyone certainly had plenty to eat. And we were glad to be the hosts so there was room for all the kids to spread out and theoretically keep out of each others hair.