It’s impossible to remain silent

It has been a tough week and I cannot remain silent anymore. I have been reading post after post on Facebook. Friends, dear friends, relatives have all been sharing. And I know that for each of their who have shared there are undoubtedly more who cannot or will not share. I just cannot keep silent anymore.

What I am talking about is the#metoo campaign. It is extremely powerful to see all of these women whom I respect sharing that they have been sexually harassed in their lifetimes. It is powerful and also really infuriating. What is up with us guys?

I will admit to having acted in ways I’m proud of all of the time. Wandering eyes and the occasional comment. But i like to think that for the most part I have behaved well. Most importantly I like to think that I have modeled decent behavior for my peers and my children.

I will end by saying that I am sorry for all of this horrible behavior. And my deepest condolences for all that women have had to endure.


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