Accepting, nay welcoming, change #mentalhealth

Today was the first day back from vacation. I had a new desk. There was a change in my morning routine. I was trying to alter my dietary routine. Lots of changes.

I could have faced this with anger, anxiety and being upset. Instead I took a different approach. I even looked forward to some of the changes. I had plenty of ideas.

Some of these ideas did not kick in right away as I actually overslept a little. So no altered breakfast or exercise plan. But I steadfastly refused to let that alter my mood.

Work went very well. I embraced the new desk location as it really helped me focus more on my calls. The day was easy as far as calls. I received a new parking pass so I no longer have to allow extra time for morning walk.

My eating went well in spite of the altered morning. I didn’t get in all of the exercise I would have liked.

All in all, plenty of changes. Instead of being anxious though I feel refreshed by it all. Ready to keep working other changes into my life.


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