Meditating on ‘sin’ #mentalhealth #health

I’m finding myself at a crossroads. For years I have joked about how my only sin was over eating and eating junk food. I had some years recently where I didn’t eat as much, however, food and eating was always a central pleasure in my life. I have made some allowances for health reasons, but in practice I was still enjoying my food.

Events in recent months are forcing me to change that. Between a couple bouts of diverticulitis and the recent development of hemerrhoids I am forced to change. I have been reading up on the lists of foods to avoid. Combining that with food I already avoid leads to an inescapable truth: my love affair with food has to end.

Obviously I still have to eat. But my focus on eating has to change. The changes I have to make are so dramatic that it will be impossible to keep two practices going. First, I have to stop living my life with a focus on menus and what I’m eating next. Second, I have to find something different to occupy myself during down times. Both of these are intertwined. To put it another way, I need to find some new ‘sin’.

I still read, but to an extent reading is connected to eating. Same goes for watching TV. Exercise sounds great, but that is limited by health issues. Just chatting and interacting with folks is limited by my inherent introversion.

I don’t have an answer for this now. There are some ideas I have been pondering. Writing, sketching, finding some decent podcasts to listen to. All I know is that changes have to be made. An alteration to my mind set. For health reasons and mental reasons.


One thought on “Meditating on ‘sin’ #mentalhealth #health

  1. Dear Mike, Nancy has just been through this with fibermyalgia. Please call her to chat. She is in the middle of a life change regarding food due to health.

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