Coping, adjusting, figuring it out #mentalhealth

Yeah, it has been a while for posting. Life has been good. Just not much time to sit and write. I have been occupying my time doing other things. focusing on doing some painting. Getting things done around the house. Family stuff. But the events of the last week have led me to sit down and try to work through some thoughts.

There have been a number of changes at work. One of my managers stepped down and then resigned. Another Senior manager left the company. These were the folks that were the closest to friends I had at the company. That was a little stunning.

In the midst of this some positions opened up for management positions and I took the leap to apply. With the encouragement of these friends and other people that I trust and respect. I went through 2 interviews before I was knocked out of the running. That caught me by surprise. I really felt that I was more than qualified and ready for the position.

All of this meant I had a tough week emotionally. Accepting that I had made some mistakes during the interview process. Obsessing about that. Then a general malaise as I did not have the same companionship that I had enjoyed at the company. All of this meant I did not sleep all that well. On top of all this, we had a real gloomy, rain-filled week. It was rough.

Last night I had a good nights rest. After work, I had a good talk with some folks there. And I had one epiphany. One of the features of my previous job was tenure, there were an awful lot of people that had been there almost as long as I had been. As a result, I had forgotten what it was like to work in a more traditional call center with its attendant constant turnover. That will take some adjustment, but now that I am aware of it I will be better prepared.

Then today I took the bull by its’ horns and tackled a couple of things I needed to do for work. Which allowed me to refocus on my overall sense of the company and why I enjoy being there. That has also helped me overcome my disappointment with the failure int he promotion process. Also reminded myself that it is a process, a journey, and I need to focus on the steps, not on the end of it all.

In the end, nothing has really changed. There are still plenty of opportunities. I just need to keep being who I am. Do what I do. Find ways to excel. And the rest will gradually work itself out.


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