A year later, and life sure is different #mentalhealth #kids #life

A year ago this last week life threw me a serious curve ball. I was laid off from the company that I had been working for for 15 years. There I was, about to turn 50, and forced to change gears on the road of life.

Here I am, a year later, and I am a changed man. My approach to just about everything is different. My mental state is far more relaxed. I have become a more active participant in the day to day events of others in my life. And, dare I say it, I am happier.

Anxiety and depression are still there, lurking, waiting to pop out. But I am managing them better. Hell, I have even learned how to take advantage of my anxiety and OCD at my work. To turn what could be problems into tools.

Recent events at work and at home have shown me how much I have changed. One of my managers at work, a guy that I have become friends with, decided it was time to leave the company. This is a person who has been the center of my part of the organization. This news rocked the workplace. Instead of passively accepting this change I have embraced it. I have reached out and received encouragement to make myself ready to step up into a management position, an opportunity that is almost sure to come.

At home it is a new school year. And poor Kim has found herself being worked harder than ever at her job. As a result I have taken on more of the day to day work with the kids. And my work over the summer of developing a habit of daily chores is paying off as the kids are doing their part. I have also worked out an open channel of communication with the teen-ager in order to avoid some of the surprises that became a symptom of last year.

I now recognize the benefit of that dramatic change last year. It wasn’t fun. But a year later I can honestly say I am in a far better state as a result of that shock to my life and system.


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