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A week or 2 ago I was doing some research on athletes and antidepressants. I came across the story of Royce White, an NBA player who became famous for his anxiety issues. And one line really struck me. The story described how his OCD sprang from his need to fend off his anxiety. And that really hit home. It all became clear. 

Being a parent and living in this society is not easy. Doing so while facing anxiety and depression is harder. So I do what I can to keep all the worries at bay with the little habits. It’s not exactly easy to have a rigid life in the face of the chaos that is parenting. So I do my best to be like a willow tree and be flexible and rigid at the same time. I like to think that I am doing a pretty good job. 

But what got me thinking about perspective was my recent job change. While routine and good habits can make me a good employee, being flexible and willing to grow will make me a great employee. My job, like most jobs can become repetitive. That appeals to my OCD, which enjoys routine and consistency. That’s where I was at my previous job: I knew what to do, I did it, and stuck to a routine. 

The challenge is that for life reasons I have to find a way to avoid taking into that trap. So over the past couple of weeks I have been working on finding different ways to keep things not so routine. I have found the best way to do this is quite simple. Change up my perspective. So every day I tinker with little things on my desktop. Different backgrounds, different window configurations, different colors. Which helps me approach each day a little bit differently. That in turn challenges me mentally to keep adapting and growing. Which will eventually bear fruit professionally. 

While it is good for my mental well being to have plenty of routine, changing up my perspective and having a little change is good too. I just have to remain aware so I do not go overboard with either change or routine, be like the willow. 


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