Let the craziness begin #GirlScoutCookies

Today is the opening day of Girl Scout cookie sales! A crazy time of year for our family. With Number One Daughter being her troops top seller and Kim being the troop leader we all have work to do. 

This was the beginning. A longer of cars waiting to pick up their troops cookies. We had three cars, for 350+ cases. 

We are lucky to have Kim. Because she spends her days stacking and organizing groceries. She is an expert at packing stuff in spaces in an efficient manner. Every car was filled to the brim. 

Which made for an interesting drive home. Then we emptied all the cars into our house. Which gave me a good start on my daily exercise. 

Today we began our door to door sales. I got the ball rolling while Kim distributed to individual Scouts to sell. But there will be lots more walking in store. Then this week we all begin hustling at our work places. 

It can be challenging to go from weekends filled with wrestling to Cookie booths. However it does keep us busy. Life is never dull in the Freerange household. 


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