Adjusting to a new world #Life #Job

I spent the last 15 years of my life working for a software company. Immersed in technology. I saw a lot of changes. I now carry a computer in my back pocket that is probably more powerful than what I was using for a personal desktop when I started back then. From just dabbling in the internet for things like sports news and fantasy football I am now on it all the time. It really is a new world.

Now, instead of the internet just being a source of news and information, my life depends on it. Since I now work for what is effectively an Internet marketing firm. It is my job to help people use the internet to improve their business and thus their lives. Many of those people are not tech folks. They do not

Many of those people are not tech folks. They do not use the internet all the time. And yet they are now seeking to employ this tool in their lives. Some of them are savvy enough to grasp how this all works. Others are not there yet. Which is what drives my job. Finding new and different ways to explain to these folks how this all works.

But this week has been all about reps. In my mind, I think of this like the early days of Jimmy’s wrestling career. Every call is like another match. What I need to improve my skills are more matches. I need mat time with my customers. With every call, especially the challenging ones, I learn a little. I refine my skills.

This is why, when we saw our first productivity numbers at work this week, I had such high numbers. Because every call is like another match. And I know the only way to get better is the experience of more matches. So my goal is to get out there and challenge myself.

While every call is different, like every opponent is different for Jimmy, there will eventually be patterns. And styles of callers. From the angry ones to the logical ones. My challenge will be to develop ways of detecting those patterns and then use my skills to give the correct responses. I know that will come.

It is a new world. I have to adjust. The great thing is that in many ways I have been preparing for this my entire life. From all of my time just absorbing all the potential of the Internet. All the years of just taking calls of varying kinds. All the time I have spent working on, or hiring folks, to work on my own home. And last from friends and family who work on the fields that my customers work in. I have a challenge in front of me, but I have a vast number of resources available to help me take it on.


One thought on “Adjusting to a new world #Life #Job

  1. Really well put. We fret so over the turning points, but so much of life is the growth we gain through those reps. My favorite Buddhist koan is: Before enlightenment; chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment; chop wood, carry water. It’s the reps.

    I liken a major turning point to handwriting with your off-hand. It’s a polished skill made awkward and rankling, but it improves with reps.

    Carry on. 🙂

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