Clear the proverbial decks #life

In a scant 4 days, the routine of work will return to the life of Freerangegeek. It will have been almost exactly 4 months since the layoff occurred. In that time there have been ups and downs in the life of Freerangegeek. In some ways, if he believed in a higher power, he would think there was a special purpose behind everything that happened.

He has been able to help care for his mother. When she was hurt, just being of general use, and now after her surgery. He would not have been able to be nearly this helpful and present had he remained employed where he was. While it was not necessarily fun to be out of work, he is glad he was able to do all of that.

He was also able to be a more active part of the transition for his boys as they moved to their respective new schools and dealt with the changes. That is a great comfort to him. Knowing that his presence was there to help guide them through this patch.

Now it is time for him to clear the proverbial decks. Get the house in a more ideal status. Take care of some minor household duties he has been putting off. Get himself organized in his mind and spirit so he can face the new job with a clear head and focus. Just some trivial things that he has meant to do in his time off and just had not gotten around to it.

Freerangeek is excited by the changes and opportunities. He feels that the family is as ready as they can be to adjust to his working again. He has even begun tackling some more active things in his life as part of this change. He is as ready as he can be.


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