It was occasionally difficult, but the transition period is almost over #life

It is a hungry and tired morning for the Freerangegeek. He has an appointment today for a colonoscopy (welcome to turning 50!) Which meant he had to fast all day yesterday, then spend last night on the couch in between trips to the bathroom. He is really looking forward to getting home this afternoon and preparing a meal.

However, he is still in a good mood. Because he was hired yesterday, ending the job search that was bringing him down. It is a definite pay cut from his previous place of employment. But it is doing work that he knows he can excel at. And the company is growing and has a track record of promoting from within, along with theĀ potential for pay increases. So he can envision making more money eventually.

Most importantly he knows that with his capable and beautiful at the controls of the family budget that the necessary things will be paid for. Second most important, the company is not open on weekends so he will be able to continue with his favored hobby meetings.

Also, number one son is beginning to show signs of getting a handle on school. And there are chances to see said son excel at his sport of choice.

It was an interesting 3 months. It allowed Freerangegeek to get some perspective. To get a crucial transitional school year for his progeny off to a good start. And he had a chance to enjoy numerous fun events for the family and friends. It was a unique way to transition to his 50th year on the planet. But he is thankful that it is almost over and he can return to a more normal schedule and life pattern.


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