There aren’t many like it, and this one is mine #Sidgl #Organizer @Sidgl

Last year one of my good friends began making bags. Messenger bags, laptop bags, tango bags. I bought one of his laptop bags in January and have been very pleased with it. It has been everything I would want. Durable, flexible, eye catching. In the spring, in a fit of whimsy, I suggested that he make a dice bag. He took that suggestion to heart. He has been very busy making bags (even missed out on our school reunion because he had to sew.)

He has added organizers to his repertoire. Which looked very cool as well. Then about a month ago he asked for my address. A few days later I received an organizer in the mail. I have been busy figuring out what to put where, and how to best utilize all the spaces. Without further ado, here is my review of this fantastic piece of work.


First, let’s talk about that eye catching cover. At first glance those rivets seem a little odd. Right up until you actually grab it where the hand is. Then that design makes all the sense in the world. The rivets make the grip very natural and feels very secure. The read hand on the dark canvas cover also just pops from a color perspective. Very attractive. Functional and attractive, just what you would want.


The size seems a little odd at first. Again, until you actually pick it up and use it. Having done my time with the corporate portfolios of the pre-electronic era this is far more manageable. The zipper is very high quality, I am not even reomotely concerned with it beginning to detach with repeated use. And the handy little tag at the top helps you remember which side is which.


Just lok at all that stuff! That is a composition notebook. An iPad mini. 3 pens of varying sizes. My reading glasses and headphones. And my essential dice. There is more there in the pockets that you don’t see. And room for even more, if I wanted to carry more pens, or a charging cord or similar stuff there is plenty of room for it all.

And that interior is plush! It just feels really nice. I am not even remotely worried about the screen of my iPad getting scratched or smudged. Again, all of this is in the same eye catching, attractive colors as the outside. The catches on the potckets are real heavy duty and solid, no tacky velcro that willl wear out in a few months. Everything is real solid in there, no concerns about losing stuff or having it get loose and roll around inside the organizer.

At heart I am a minimalist. I like to be as self contained as possible. But I also realize that there are times when I might want more stuff that I can keep in my pockets, especially when I am going to a game. And as a gamer you always need a place for your dice. Thus the idea for a dice bag. Well my friend at Sidgl has taken that idea to the next level. This is a dice bag on steroids! I can’t hardly wait for the chance to game again so I can show it off to my friends and make them drool with envy!



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