Handling disappointment and making the best of it #Life

Last week was not a great week. The election was so disappointing. The follow-up was not easy to accept. I was fighting what I thought might be the beginning of a cold. I was really looking forward to the weekend and the escape of my role playing. Only to end up with more disappointment.

Saturday was relaxing for the most part. We got some work done in cleaning up the house. Kim did some Scout events. Then I received an e-mail that my Pathfinder game was canceled. The GM was sick and unable to run the game. Which meant that my monthly escape from house and family was not going to happen.

That was upsetting and disappointing. I was really looking forward to the game. Excited about the game itself. I had a lot of ideas for the game and things I could do. It was not solely about the escape. But the escape was still very important.

Kim was very understanding. Which helped. I had to accept it.

I did end up getting out anyway. I went and saw a good movie, Dr. Strange, that I really enjoyed. I drove around some and then got some food. Took some time to read and finish a good book. And did my best to avoid the Broncos game, not wanting or needing additional disappointment.

It turned out that I was avoiding what was a stressful but good football game. In total, my teams had a great weekend. That helped me some.

In all, I overcame all of the terrible feelings in my life. I watched plenty of football. I saw a good movie. I finished a good book. I won’t say it was easy. The feelings of disappointment from the election are still there. But I have the opportunity to play next weekend and the week after that, so chances to escape do dot the horizon.


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