Easing back on track #Life #Mentalhealth

The beginning of this week was disruptive. Halloween day was crazy just from the perspective of the kids (and a change in how that went.) Then the next 2 mornings were broken up by early doctor appointments. Today was the first day this week that I have been on a somewhat normal schedule. Which means it is a good day to get some things done; and ease back into what passes for my routine.

Halloween was different this year. For the first time since the kids were born, we did not take them to Kim’s old neighborhood for trick or treating. Instead, we just let them go off with some friends and trick or treat in the extended neighborhood without us. That was a big deal. Nice for us to get a quiet evening at home. I made some nice country style ribs, fed everyone, then released the kids into the wild. It was a success for everyone and I am glad we did it, but it was definitely a change.

Tuesday and Wednesday mornings both involved early morning doctor appointments. One for Emily and the other for me. That altered my routine, I did not eat when I normally do. Danny had to get himself off to school on his own. It all worked out, but it was a change from my normal start to the day, which has the unfortunate effect of throwing off my personal approach to the day. That is just the way I operate, unfortunately.

Today, however, things are normal. Woke up a little late due to a late night watching the oxymoron that is an exciting baseball game. But the kids all went to school at their appointed times. I ate my normal breakfast at the regular time. Now I can actually sit down and get some writing done. All very comforting. Routine is my friend.


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