I have allies if I utilize them #Life #Kids

Today the kids are off from school as part of a 4 day weekend for Parent Teacher conferences. Yesterday was filled with appointments and the conferences. Plus some events for Emily. That really wiped me out. But I had tasks to do today. Then I remembered I have help.

I told the kids that each would be assigned a room in the house. And that today they would clean that room completely. So this morning I set a time to start. And at that time we all got to work. I kind of did my part, moving what I could, providing direction. It took about 30 minutes and boom we had the main rooms clean.

This was a lesson for me. I am not alone in this. The kids are all old enough to do their part. They are perfectly capable of doing the work when I ask. I just need to remember to ask them to do their part. Make it a group effort and even have some fun with it. Voila, the work is done!

I plan to start doing more of this. Some assigning of meals and kitchen clean up. Assigning days to clean. It is not that hard, and it makes life easier for everyone.


About those conferences. There were some surprises and some affirmations. We heard what we kind of expected from one group of teachers. It is up to us to help get someone on track.

It was also a pleasant surprise for another child. Danny’s science teacher was surprised that Danny was on an IEP and needed help with reading and comprehension. When it hit me. Science books are written with a plainer, more logical type of writing. It is just easier for him to digest information from that than it is for him to do the same with fiction.  It was kind of gratifying to realize that.

All in all, it has been a good couple of days. Which will make it easier for the next couple of days to continue that trend.



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