It often is in the details #Life #Mentalhealth

Funny thing life. There’s a saying ‘the devil is in the detail’. In my life and experience, I have found that definitely to be the case. So much of what goes on in life is about making sure that you do not miss the little stuff.

Lately, I have been trying to teach and impress this lesson on Jimmy. I understand that few teenagers grasp this. It is more of a life lesson to be learned. But it is a lesson he needs to learn.

It was easy for me to figure this lesson out. My OCD tendencies helped me pay attention to the little stuff. My only problem is and always has been my anxieties. They have kept me from doing a lot of things and held me back.

Luckily, Jimmy is not afflicted by my anxieties. Which is good for him. He just has to figure out how to control his teenage male hormones. Those wonderful chemicals that tend to fill him full of energy.

I can only do my best to teach him, and keep harping on this lesson. Harp on his need to focus, to bring all that energy to bear on one thing at a time. Learn to finish things properly. To pay closer attention to what he is doing and what he needs to be doing. There is no simple way to impart this lesson, it will just take a lot of repetition. And my paying attention to what he is or is not doing, to see if he is learning the lessons.



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