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During this time when I have been unemployed, I have had to find things to pass the time. I have tried to do some constructive things. Some projects around the house, cleaning etc. I have been reading books as well. Now I am trying to make better use of the time with exercise and writing. But despite all of that, I have still ended up spending a lot of time watching television.

In all of this, I have certain thoughts to discuss. One of the shows I have watched was the Luke Cage on Netflix. I really enjoyed the show, very impressed with its quality. I have enjoyed all of the Netflix superhero shows in the Marvel Comic Universe: Daredevil, Jessica jones, Luke Cage.

I also watch all of the DC universe shows on the WB network on cable: Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and now Supergirl. I like those shows, for the most part, they have been generally excellent.

Funny thing is that while the Marvel movies have been great, and very well received the one network show in that universe is not as popular. Agents of Shield is a decent show, but nearly as good as the DC shows or the Netflix ones.

I think the reason for this, and the general rule for making decent superhero TV is to limit the scope of where the action takes place. The most successful of these shows: the Netflix shows, Arrow, Flash, all center on a small location or at least one city. This is what TV shows should restrict themselves to.



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