Refreshing and refreshed

I had a good week. Made a habit of giving myself a number of tasks to do each day. Followed through on those. Hosted a good party. Survived the first real weekend of football. Had a great time at my game to boot. Now it is time to repeat and wait.

I made it a priority last week to write down my plans every day. Write up a To Do list, and stick to those every day. Doing that really helped offset the drag of being around the house all day. Gave me something to do and focus on. I think that is a habit I really need to stick to in general, but especially during this forced time off. Good for my mind to keep thinking.

With all of that list making, I was able to really get the house ready. We hosted a nice birthday party for my Mother in Law. Today is her actual Birthday so I will interject with a


I got the house ready and in order. Prepared a nice meal. And from what I could tell, everyone had a good time, especially the Birthday girl. I was proud of all of that and the effort I took. I was also proud of the work the kids did when asked to help.

I watched some football on Saturday. My Alma Maters started off real well. Then I stopped watching when it began to come clear that it was only a matter of time before reality could kick in. Which is what it did. It was not as hard to turn the games off as I thought it might be, a sign of real progress. I then did not watch any of my NFL teams. I was too busy gaming to watch the games. I checked on scores from tie to time but did not let my head get into it.

I had a real good time at my game yesterday. It was cool to get out of the house, away from job thoughts, or worries about hosting anything. The game went well too.

Now, this week I have 4 days of repeating what I did last week. Making lists. coming up with projects. Giving myself things to  do. And then on Friday my High School Alumni event begins, which will keep me occupied for a couple of days. I am really looking forward to that. And it will be a continued diversion from being in a waiting pattern on a couple of job applications.

I am keeping my head up. Keeping busy. And giving myself things to do that will give me a sense of accomplishment. Life is pretty good right now.


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