Recognizing the dangers, moving on #mentalhealth

One of the things about being out of work is you end up with a lot of time to yourself. Time with not necessarily a lot to do. My hobbies do not take up a huge amount of time outside of the actual gatherings. That meant I had to fill up time the last couple of weeks.

I watched some TV. But even with an abundance of channels, there is not always something being broadcast that I find interesting. I also read books. And did some walking, and browsed the Internet. In the end, though, it came back to TV.

Which led me to browse the On Demand offerings. In the end,  I fell in love with a couple of shows. I caught up with one very quickly. But the other had 6 six seasons of 12 episodes each. Here is where the danger came into play. The equation was: 72 hours of good drama + time to watch + an Obsessive personality = an unhealthy amount of time spent watching a show. I could not just take my time and spread it out. I found myself making promises of ‘just one more episode and I will get up and do something else’ or gauging things I needed to do in terms of time I could take away from the show.

In short, I binge watched the show through to the end. Developing an unhealthy fixation on the show. Not doing things I needed (or wanted) to do. Not until I had to turn it off or found natural stopping points. It was not a healthy thing to do.

Gladly I am done. I can now turn to other things in my life: blogging, painting, reading, exercise. I can also work on not getting too focused on any one activity. That is an important thing for me, I have to keep my attention spread out in order to avoid getting overly focused. That is one of the things that work has always done for me, it occupied my mind with enough different things that I avoided getting obsessed with any one pursuit.

The good thing about this is that I recognized it. And it was something as relatively harmless as a TV show. No real harm was done, and I can move on. With this lesson to learn from.


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