It is an opportunity, disguised as a setback #life

Lost my job, it’s a new opportunity

More free time for my awesome community

In a little over a month I will be celebrating my 50th birthday. Today I went to work as normal. Had a busy morning, took several calls, solving a few customer issues. Then around 10 one of the managers came to my desk and asked me to come with him. He walked me back to a small office where I sat down. He then told me that the company was making some changes and I was being let go. 

Just like that, 15 years of loyalty and work came to an end. I will admit to being a little surprised but not overly so. I had survived several rounds of layoffs over the years. We had a new CEO hired in January. He was in town a few weeks ago and spoke of changes in the company with no specifics. I had a new role in the company but I wouldn’t say my work load had changed a lot. Anyway, it happened, and no regrets about how it went. I worked hard for the company for many years, and now I have to move on. 

To be honest I am kind of relieved. I am confident in my abilities to find work. And I get the opportunity to do something different. And on top of that I get a couple of weeks to do some things I need done around the house. I am not saying it is easy street, there might be some budgetary belt tightening around the house. 

But recent events in my life keep things in perspective. The unexpected and tragic death of a friend. The arrival of a new life in the extended family. This makes an unexpected potential career change small change. One I am ready to deal with. 


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