A common thread to bring a smile #Kids #Parenting

Kim & I have very different backgrounds. I am older than her as well. That means that often when we are at larger social gatherings one of us will feel out of place. The people we are with will either be closer to my age and background or vice versa. But one thing that I remember pointing out to her when she commented on this once was that we were parents and therefore we would almost always have that in common with people we did not know, we could talk about our kids.

One of the fun things I have noticed is how people will post pictures on FB of their kids on the first day of school. It is fun to see all those bright faces on the first day of the year. It also brings home that common connection I have with all these people through the bond of parenting.

Even more fun is the friends who have kids the same age or close to the same age as Jimmy. Because we can all post moments and share our thoughts on the ‘joys’ of having a teenager. One of my college friends posted a picture of her teenager giving her dad the ultimate ‘I know Dad’ teen face. And we all know that feeling, that moment when our teenager decides that they no longer have any use for parental tips and advice (no matter how it is imparted.)

It really is an interesting moment when you realize that there is that common ground. When you can be in a store, or a line anywhere and a child does something and you and the other parents in the vicinity can lock eyes and give that nod of ‘yeah, I get it, kids.’

With the reunion coming up I am looking forward to doing a lot of catching up with many friends. But one thing that will be interesting is bonding with those of my classmates who do not have kids. Because that is such a huge part of my life and the life of any other parent. It can be a struggle when talking to people who do not have that in their lives.

For now, though, I will take solace and enjoyment in the bonds that I do have with fellow parents. Look forward to sharing those moments. And be glad when it comes to the reunion that I have such deep bonds with those who will not have that in common.


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