Sadly it happened like I thought #Mentalhealth

Recall if you will my post from Friday: Dear Son, your dad has a condition. In that post, I went into some detail about my various mental conditions. One of the things I touched on was the problem I can have in social situations.

Because of my anxiety and obsessive condition I often find myself having problems in social situations. I can converse with people and get along okay. But what throws a wrench into those situations is when there is someone there who I can take my focus away.

For example, when we first started dating and later when we were first married I would have trouble when Kim joined me for events. Because I would worry about her having a good time. So I would find myself spending my time around her and making sure she had someone to talk to. Thankfully, that has gradually dissipated over the years. I am more confident just leaving her to her own devices in social gatherings now.

However, there is a different problem now. That is when we go to ‘family friendly’ events. Because then I feel that I need to keep an eye on my kids. And the kids can also turn to me for entertainment when they get bored.

Well, we ended up taking the kids with us to the Spam O Rama party on Saturday. And I did not get to enjoy myself. Because the kids were constantly hanging on me. Which is distracting and very frustrating. It is hard enough for me to get into conversations without them grabbing my attention.

This is just one of those things I need to keep in mind. It is why I can often be extra awkward in group events if I bring someone along. I need to know that person is okay before I can turn to other people. It is very frustrating, and I wish it was not that way. It makes social events difficult. But that is just me and how I am wired. I can live with it if I remember that in the future.


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