Got stuff done, had some fun, relaxed

For the last weekend of the summer, that was a pretty relaxing, calm affair. Kim & I got some things done around the house. We had some fun, attending a party and taking kids to a movie. And we spent a good amount of time just relaxing around the house. It was a good time, preparing us for the craziness to come.

We put close to the finishing touches on the basement project. We got a board to cover the pool table in its new life as the Lego table. We moved books, cleared some books out. Sorted out the games and cleared some of those out. There are still some tubs to be sorted, and some more organization to be done, but for the most part the basement has been converted to full time game room.

This week we should get things to the point where the dining room/game room will now be a more permanent office/homework room. Which should, in theory, keep the upstairs cleaner and quieter especially with school starting this week.

We had some fun events. We took the kids to see the new Pete’s Dragon movie. Which turned out pretty well. It was funny as I remember going to see the original movie when it came out in the theaters with my sister.

Kim and I had some nice meals together and some other time together. Which I really appreciated. Just having some time together is a good thing, even if we are working on a project or grocery shopping.

We attended the annual gathering of friends at the Spam O Rama. It was definitely a more low key affair than in previous years. It was nice to get a little time to catch up with some good friends. Although I did not get as much as I might have liked as we had kids along who got bored really quickly. But my game with some of the same friends resumes tonight so I have that to look forward to.

It was a good way to spend the last weekend of the summer. The kids will spend a couple of nights in Denver with my brother. And then they return for the start of school on Thursday. It is a little hard to believe that the summer is ending. But I am definitely ready for the return to school, and I think the kids are as well.


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