A little catch up and dealing with excitement #Life #Projects #Mentalhealth

The company CEO was in town for a couple of days. Which meant the appearance of work behavior was important ergo limited internet browsing. Today I can finally get back to normal and catch up with what all happened over the weekend.

Kim and Emily were gone for 2 nights, Friday & Saturday, on a Scout camp out. My main focus was on the new basement project. I got some furniture moved, with Jimmy’s help, and some extra help from family and friends. I helped Danny clean up a lot of Lego and other toys and trash. By the time Kim got home on Sunday we were able to then turn our focus to getting the remainder of the toys and other junk sorted. I then also moved the TV and other entertainment items downstairs and got the new gaming area set up. It was a lot of work, but by the end of the weekend, the kid’s new recreation area was all set up.

Monday afternoon Kim got the rest of things cleaned up and organized and the house was pretty much restored to order. And now the new house order was in place. The kids will be banished downstairs when they are playing, making it easier for us to hear our TV or other things we might be doing. It was a lot of work, but well worth it.

There was some fun time as well. Danny and I watched a movie on Friday night. I took the boys to go see Suicide Squad on Saturday (fun movie, I can see what some critics complained about, but still exciting.) I also got sucked into far more of the Olympics than I expected to watch. I was not excited to spend a lot of time watching the Olympics but found myself caught up in all the action. Sunday night especially I spent time watching it all with Emily because it was almost a requirement to watch the women’s gymnastics with my 8 year old daughter.

Then Monday and especially on Tuesday I got caught up in a lot of excitement about my upcoming high school alumni gathering. There are so many people coming that I want to spend time with. It is exciting, I am looking forward to seeing so many people and catching up in person. But it is almost overwhelming at this point because I get the feeling that I will not get time with everyone I want to see. I know, it’s a good problem to have but it still is a problem in my mind.

I am happy to have gotten so much done. I had some good times. Enjoyed various forms of entertainment. I have some great things to look forward to. I am just reminding myself of those things as the days go by.


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