Thursday Politics #Politics

I am going to try and restrict my political rants to once a week from here until the end of the election. Cannot swear I will be successful, but I will at least try. I have a few thoughts to share this week.

Reasons I will Accept

Donald Trump is a terrible person with no moral character that I can possibly see. He is a hateful, mean, cruel person. And his candidacy and campaign are based on the lowest of the low parts of our country’s character: fear of the other, jealousy, and xenophobia. I personally find absolutely no redeeming quality to him or his campaign. But I know that there are those that do find some qualities or reasons.

One of my conservative friends who has wavered on his support of Trump did state this week the one reason why he will not vote for Hillary. And while I do not agree with him, and in fact view the reason from the exact opposite perspective, I will accept it. He is afraid of what kind of appointees to the Supreme Court Hillary will make, and the overall trend in the Court. Again, I think the exact opposite if Trump were elected. But I am willing to accept this as a reason for some to make that electoral choice. Though that acceptance comes with the caveat that I do not think that the people that Trump would select would be all that great from any perspective.

The overall point of this comment is that if you have a couple of issues that you feel very strongly about, and one of the candidates has a stated view that you feel is in opposition to these, or is strongly in favor of one, I can generally accept your view. What I am less tolerant of is those who will vote simply for partisan reasons, because this election has transcended basic issues of party, at least Trump has.

Homeless and problems

This week we had our annual Neighborhood Watch Night Out gathering. Where the people from our neighborhood gather together to eat good food. Chat about what is happening in our lives and the neighborhood. Get a visit from the local Police Commander. And discuss matters of safety in our little stretch of the city.

For the most part, I enjoy these gatherings. But there are a few parts of it that bother me. The majority of our little neighborhood is older and white. And at some point, the issues of homeless people, crime and marijuana come up. Bear in mind this is not a wealthy area, these are working class folks, mostly middle class. And yet they will complain and bring up some points that fail the logic test, and I have to bite my tongue.

They complain that the homeless population is high because we live in Colorado, with legal marijuana. Which is true to some extent. But then they turn around and then complain about how these homeless people are abusing the system because they get drunk and end up in the emergency room. Note that it is not the pot smokers who are ending up in the ER, it is the drunks, and yet somehow pot is at the root of it all in these people’s minds.

The other one that drives me up the wall is complaining about the panhandlers. And they make comments about how they are not even homeless people, that they are doing this as a job. And that some make as much as 30 grand a year doing that. First, if it is so lucrative and easy, why don’t they go out and do that instead of the jobs they have (or don’t have?) Why don’t they go out and stand in the sun and heat with no shelter for 8 hours, get yelled at, spit on, have crap thrown at them? And then the matter of how much they really make has not been proven. Most studies indicate that the panhandlers make maybe $300 a month, which wouldn’t even pay the rent.

And then this group of people, who are sitting around drinking beer and margaritas, smoking cigarettes, complains that the panhandlers just use the money on booze and drugs. What, poor people are not allowed to have the same vices as the rest of us? The problem for most homeless is not that they waste money on vices. It is because the fixed costs of rent, utilities, insurance that are needed to survive in this country are way beyond their grasp. In other words, the Rent is Too Damn High!

Anyway, those are my rants and discussions for this week. Return next week for more, I am sure I will have some to share.


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