Hadn’t done that in a while #Books

I read a lot. The majority of my reading takes place on the internet and reading e-books on my iPad. Either using the Kindle or Apple books Apps. This can mean that I take a while to get around to the newest books occasionally. Having to wait for Holds to clear etc at the library. One of the reasons I don’t read a lot of paper bound books is because I do most of my reading before bed and if I am reading a paper book then I need the light on, which bothers Kim when she is trying to sleep.

A while back I decided to get caught up on the series of books by Patrick Rothfuss. It turned out that I could get the paper version of his first book, Name of the Wind, much sooner than the e-book. So I got it. This was a good book, but not the fastest reading one I have ever read. I was mainly reading it during lunch breaks and occasionally at home, but really taking my time.

Then yesterday I got my e-mail from the library saying that the book was due back. I looked and realized that I had over 250 pages left! I checked to see if I could renew the book: nope, it had people waiting on hold. When would the electronic version be available? I was number 48 on the list. This was not good. I had two options: mark somewhere where I was at, and when I got it again try to resume reading at that point, or try to finish the book.

Well, I gave the finishing the book a go. And was able to get it done. It helped that the pace of work was relatively slow. It also helped that the pacing of the book picked up considerably as well. And I finished it last night before bed.

I had not done that in a while. Really pushing myself to crank out a book, or gotten so caught up in a book that I was willing to forego anything else. It was actually nice, to really dive into a book. There is definitely something to be said for doing that.


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