Prepared, ready to move on #Memorial #Mentalhealth #Politics

Today will not be easy. We will be attending the Memorial service for our friend Maida. Due the tragic nature of her passing, this will be an especially difficult service. So I am working a half day and then going home to change and go to the service.

The positive side of this is that because of the kind of person she was, there will be a lot of friends there. A kind of reunion, as it were, of a group of people I enjoyed seeing a lot as our kids grew up together. So while it is a sad reason, it will be good to seeing all these people again.

I am hoping that this will provide the kind of closure I need. I chance to say farewell and mentally and emotionally move on. That is what these type of services are for, a chance to say farewell and for people to gather together.

As a fortuitous matter of timing, last night the political convention season ended last night. While there are still 3 months of election campaigning to go it will no longer be the intense and consistent coverage that the last 2 weeks have provided. That is a mental break for me.

The convergence of these two things in my head are helpful. The last 2 weeks have been emotionally and mentally difficult. While I know that this is not a sure, hard stop for me to stop thinking about either issue; I am hoping that I can find some closure and a mental break. Give myself a reason to alter the tracks my head has been stuck on the past 2 weeks. That is my hope at least.



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