It is hard out there #Mentalhealth #Politics

One of the funny things about who I am is that I am just chock full of empathy. I’ve got it oozing out of my pores. Combine that with anxiety issues and Obsessive Compulsive and you get moments like I had this morning. I did not sleep well last night, had a real hard time getting to sleep and then kept waking up. I had time this morning for one thing: make myself breakfast or finish cleaning the kitchen.

Here is where the empathy comes in. All week I have had this feeling that I have not been doing my part around the house. No specific reason for it just felt that way. It is not like Kim was complaining about it, or leaving nasty notes. But this morning I was feeling especially down. So when I was faced with that choice I found myself scrubbing dishes by hand just so she does not come home to a sink full of dirty dishes. Now, of course, I could have pawned this off on the kids. But I could not be sure they would do it right, and so I just went to town. It didn’t help my feelings, but it was done.

How this has to do with politics is that I am finding that I have a real hard time with anyone who preaches things that will hurt people. Which has made me more and more liberal as the years have gone by. But it has also made it hard to just ignore politics because I know what an impact it has. I cannot just turn away, and live my life.

That makes weeks like the last two hard on me. Because politics is the biggest news. And the politics are also rampantly partisan. I cannot just ignore it, pretend it is not happening or just not care. I care about the issues. But that also means I am spending time worrying about it all. And it is all beyond my control. It really is a perfect storm of anguish and anxiety for me. I just have to somehow find a way to hang on and weather the storm until November.


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