Took me a while but I did most of what I wanted #Weekend #Life #Mentalhealth

It was an interesting weekend. Kids returned, while others went all over town. I had plenty of down time to enjoy my various shows. But I did fight through my mental blocks to do my part. And I had a good time at my game.

Jimmy’s wrestling camp was really good. He got in lots of drills and plenty of hard work. Which I know will hold him in good stead once the season hits. But he was real sore Saturday morning and especially Sunday morning. I did have to demonstrate some restraint on Saturday as I showed up towards the end of the camp and had to sit through the final god talk as it was an FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) camp. I was okay with most of it until the final speaker began talking about truth and going to hell. But I bit my tongue and walked outside for a few minutes; resisting my inclination to walk across the mat and grab Jimmy and leave. He took it with better grace than I did.

I was overjoyed to see Danny back on Saturday. He had a really good time at his camp and wants to go back next summer. But he was definitely exhausted on Saturday, went straight to the Kindle and laid down. Did not really play with anyone until Sunday.

Kim & Emily braved the heat and unrelenting sun for their Girl Scout camp on Saturday and part of Sunday. It was a good camp, and Emily enjoyed it. Despite the fact that it was held in an open field with no shade on a clear day with high heat. But it was worth it to hear them tell it.

It took me a while on Saturday, but I did at least do what I needed to do. I got the kitchen cleaned up. Fixed my car bumper. And folded the large pile of laundry on our bed. It has been one of those periods when I have to really force myself to do my part around the house. I get these feelings about once a month when an attitude comes over me. A little voice that says that I am not pulling my weight, that I am not doing my share of taking care of the kids or household chores. Life can be very difficult to handle when that happens. I did manage to work my way through it and get things done.

Sunday I went to Denver for my Pathfinder game. Which went very well, I was a little worried about that. It had been a while since we last played. And I was able to enjoy some new podcasts in style as I used a new device I got for my car which allowed me to connect my phone to the car stereo using Bluetooth. That really helped the drive go smoother, and gave my ears a break from headphones.

All told it was a good weekend. Everyone did some fun stuff. Spent time with friends. And we got some necessary things done around the house as well.


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