First weekend is here #Life #Kids #Mentalhealth

When I returned from my vacation on Monday I looked at my calendar and realized that I had no scheduled time off on the schedule at all, except for a 3 day weekend late in September. In fact, except for 3 day weekends here and there, I am working steadily for the rest of the year. Which is fine, but that means that weekends will mean a little more to me.

One of my colleagues asked me what I am doing this weekend; if I had any big plans. The answer is yes and no. I personally do have a plan for the weekend. I will be going to Denver on Sunday for my monthly Pathfinder game. As a family, we do not have big plans. But the kids all have something going on.

Jimmy has a wrestling camp this weekend. It is a 2 day affair. With his starting once a week training with the high school wrestlers; and now this camp, he is beginning to get that edge back in his eye for wrestling. Which I like, because I think that is something that can take him far if he just can discipline himself to work hard at it.

Danny returns on Saturday from his first full week Scout camp. This was the longest he has been away from the family. And we were not entirely sure he would make it. But he did, and tomorrow he gets back. I am sure he will be tired, and glad to get back. I will be glad to have him back. But I am proud that he made the trip.

Emily (and Kim) will be doing a 2 day Girl Scout camp this weekend. It is just a daytime camp, not overnight. But it will keep them occupied for Saturday and Sunday. It sounds like a lot of fun for them.

And I will be going to Denver Sunday. I am excited for that as I have not been up there for 6 weeks, and I am actually in a bit of a dry spell for gaming in general. So this will be good for me to get back to.

The upshot of all this is that I will be able to take good care of myself this weekend. Despite the fact that everyone has something on their docket. Which is a good thing. Without any vacations planned for a while I will have to vigilant when it comes to my time. Not let the weekends vanish in a puff of smoke without some time for myself. Especially with the school year coming up fast.


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