How I Spent my Summer Vacation, Pt. 3 #Family #Life

The last weekend of my vacation was devoted to 2 things. Continuing to binge through my television shows. And family events. They pretty much balanced each other perfectly, as I used one to balance out the time spent on the other. Which helped me be ready for my return to work this week with a clear head.

Friday was my nephews birthday. We celebrated that night by going over to his house, eating some cake. And spending nearly 3 hours playing football in the street. Once again I did pretty well, staying out there playing with the young kids. Not keeping up with them, even at my top conditioning I could not run as fast as some of these young kids. But staying out there running around and playing, having some impact. It was a good time.

Saturday we went over to my in-laws house for another family gathering as another of my nephews was here visiting.


It was a warm afternoon. Which was all the excuse Jimmy and the birthday boy needed to remove their shirts. With the requisite moment of flexing of course.


The nice weather led to a group hair cut afternoon. As virtually everyone who needed one got a family haircut. We totaled it up and decided that we collectively saved over a hundred dollars in haircuts. It was a fun way to spend some time. The one who needed it the most was Emily, who got a real short haircut.


She looks really good now, and it is much easier for her to keep clean and control. Also, much cooler which is handy as we enter the really hot days of the summer.

We played some yard games, ate some good food, chatted and generally had a very nice afternoon. But between the two events on back to back days I was very much ready for a quiet day to myself.

Which I got on Sunday as Kim took Danny off to Scout camp, Emily had a friend over and Jimmy played computer games.

All told I had a good vacation. Some good times with family. Catching up with folks I only see once a year. I got some things done that needed doing. And I managed to also give myself a nice mental break. Now I can brace for a long time between vacations or even long weekends as my next break is Labor Day. But I am ready for that.


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