A Rollercoaster of an Evening #Life #Friends

Taking a break from the vacation recap this morning to talk about recent events. Last night, in particular, was a real rollercoaster. I had some real great times. And then got hit with some terrible news that really rocked my night. Made for a difficult night and an interesting morning.

My best friend and his wife stopped in town for dinner. I get to see them about every 2 or 3 years, so this was a big deal. Kim and I got someone to watch and take care of the kids and went and had dinner with them.

We had a great time. Catching up on our lives, family and kids. Talking about sports, politics and everyday events. Sharing stories about pyrotechnics. It was a really great evening. And it ended with a promise that they will be back in about 2 months for our high school reunion and a celebration for our 50th birthdays (we are 5 days apart in age.) It was a wonderful time and some good food. So I was on an emotional high when we got home. And then talked with Jimmy about his first high school wrestling practice, which went really well, he was definitely jazzed about it.

Then I sat down and got on FB, and after a little scrolling around found out that a friend of mine was killed in a traffic accident Monday night. Which was stunning. We were not close friends, it was one of those friendships that sprang up from our kids going to school together. And then we spent a lot of time following each other’s lives on social media.

It is tragic, she had been on a solo motorcycle trip to the northwest. Posting pictures from all of her adventures and visits with friends out there. I always looked forward to her posts, as she was a great fighter, a fitness guru, someone how always looked life’s challenges head on and fought through them. I feel terrible for her family, especially her boys who are between Jimmy and Danny in age.

It was definitely one of those events that I kept going back to last night, and then this morning. Hoping that somehow things got mixed up, that it had not really happened. I just did not want to think that someone with such a joyful and full life was gone just like that, in an instant.

Sadly, it is all true. So that news made getting to sleep a real battle. And took a toll on my thoughts through the night and this morning. Now today I have to get my head back into things, move forward. It is not easy. But I can look at that wonderful meal and time with my friends and take that joy and use that to help me get through the sadness.


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