How I spent my Summer Vacation, Pt. 2 #Life

Upon my return from Estes Park, I had a few days to relax and run some errands. I did my best to keep myself busy. And getting the kids ready for some of their own trips. I had to fend off one night of insomnia. And I binge watched a new favorite television show. It was not the most exciting way to spend my vacation, but it was relaxing.

There were some car maintenance trips. New tires, oil changes, and some other minor errands. Spent some time with Jimmy one day. Then spent some time with Danny, took him to the eye doctor. Basically, things that I had to do and get done, and were easier for me to do with the time off.

There was some trauma with the kids that resulted in a night of sleeplessness one night. Nothing serious or that needs to be discussed here. It was just enough that I just could not sleep. I ended up on the couch in the living room watching TV most of the night until I finally crashed around 3:00 AM. It was really quite unusual, normally I can sleep, with the aid of the occasional sleeping pill, but that night my brain would have none of it. Which sucked, but I survived.

When I was not busy running errands, or picking up after the kids, I spent some time watching a TV show that I have fallen in love with. It is Ray Donovan, a Showtime channel series. It is not for everyone, filled with violence, sex, and cursing. But it pretty much hits all of my sweet spots: organized crime, popular culture, organized religion, and South Boston culture. I really enjoy it, it is not high culture or something to be confused with Shakespeare, but it is fun for me and helps fill some time. Watching it helped fill quite a bit of time over those few days. Time that could have been spent on other things, but it was my vacation after all.

It was not the most exciting couple of days, but it was nice and relaxed for the most part.



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