A weekend spent at home #Mentalhealth #Life #Kids

Didn’t get out of the house much this weekend. When I did it was to attend a family gathering. The events we hosted made it worth it. But I was pretty excited to get out of the house today.

Friday I hosted D&D for the boys after they had a sleepover on Thursday night. Then I spent the rest of the day in relaxed recovery mode. Saturday morning we got some cleaning done, then some shopping. And then went over to in-laws for a family gathering. Which was fun overall, if exhausting. Sunday I cleaned and got the house ready for the Fourth. And then we hosted a cookout for the family at our house. It was a full weekend, even if it was exhausting.

I figured the highlights were best summed up in some pictures.


The family had a big water fight at our house. It started with a few water balloons. Escalated into a full blown water fight, with water guns and eventually tubs of water and ice being dumped. Kim was not interested in playing completely fair, so she just went for the hose in dealing with Jimmy and his older cousin. I chose discretion over valor and stayed out of it, protecting the phones and our dog.


After the water fight, Kim put Jimmy to work. Trimming some of the dead limbs from one of our trees. Limbs that we later used in a fire. Here he is demonstrating proper technique with the axe, albeit with incredibly inappropriate clothing.

One of my duties this weekend was getting Danny up early on the Fourth to go and set up flags for Boy Scouts. And then, later on, go back and take the flags down. One nice part of that was I did get out of the house during the party. And when I returned things were winding down, we had a fire going, and the sun was setting.


We ended up forgoing a drive to go watch fireworks. I was tired, plus wanted to just stay and keep our dogs sane. Kim was also pretty wiped and was content with the fire. We even got something useful out of it, as we were able to use all of the limbs from our Xmas tree in the fire, producing a nice pine fire, and getting rid of an eyesore from our yard. The kids were content with staying up late.


We have a joke in the family that it is not a party until Grandma falls asleep. Which she did. But I thought this picture of one of our scared and frightened little dogs found a sleeping teenager to curl up with. Jimmy had a pretty full day after staying over at a friend’s house, so he crashed a little early. Which pretty much summed up how all of us felt last night.

It was a successful weekend. Everyone had some fun times with family and friends. There was some family football, water fights, yard sports, fireworks, fires, good food. But I am ready to get back to the office and out of the house for a few days before I go on vacation on Saturday.


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