Just some random thoughts #Movies #politics #Kids

Having trouble coming up with anything big to write about so I am just going to jot down some things that have been spinning in my head lately.

  • I have been watching the TV show The Preacher. It is intriguing, I think I know where it is heading and can more or less follow along. But one of the things that stood out is the work of Jackie Earle Haley. He plays such an extreme character in this series. And that has become his character role in recent years. The thing that is really odd is that I am old enough to remember his part in the original Bad News Bears movie. And it is really strange to try to connect the two. What an oddball career.
  • A couple of weekends ago we were watching movies on Starz network, and happened across the original Mannequin movie. We enjoyed watching it, it was a fun piece of nostalgia. The part that got me thinking was how two of the main characters were played by Andrew McCarthy and James Spader. I had to go to IMDB to see how many movies they were in together (3 actually.) It just seemed like more because two of them are a couple of my favorite 80’s movies. Now I think it might be fun to see the two of them reunite for another movie now that they are older.
  • I checked with one of my nephews yesterday. Is he registered to vote (he is 20)? Yes, he is. Who will he vote for this year? Hillary, because he is scared of Trump becoming President. That heartened me. Because he is coming from a part of the family that is not overtly political, but it is good to know that the message and understanding are there. That it would be his friends who could be deported, or sent to countries to fight in places and wars for no reason.
  • The daily chore board seems to be working okay with the kids. I just have to keep updating it. Keeping what is on there reasonable. Get them into the habit of looking there every day for assignments.
  • Having spent all that time on the little one’s rooms on Sunday makes me realize how much stuff my kids have. I never had that much stuff. Or at least I do not remember having that much stuff.

That is it for today. I might have something more stirring to discuss tomorrow.


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