Not as planned, exhausting, but worthwhile #Family #Kids

The weekend did not go as planned. Saturday was one of those days where my brain decided that it did not want to be around anyone. Then my Sunday game in Denver was canceled. However, at the end of it all , Danny has a new floor. I managed to have some fun on Saturday. And the house is not a total disaster for Kim.


One of the things that happens with my particular brain chemistry issue is that sometimes I can wake up and be in a funk. There is no real way to predict that it will happen. Although it is most likely to happen when I am physically tired. But that was not the case on Saturday, it just happened. I did what I could. I got out for a walk. I got some cleaning done so the house was not a disaster. It was not the great day of work that I had hoped, but it was enough. And I read a book so I could center my head and mind.

We then went to a family birthday party. It was a pretty low-key party, much smaller than usual. The weather cooperated, so it was never too hot or uncomfortable. The kids all had a good time, they found things to do so they were not in my face asking me to entertain them. We still stayed much later than I would have liked. I was a little anti-social for part of it, just sitting off by myself. I just could not bring myself to be too involved in conversations. Despite all of that, it was a good time.

Sunday we got started a little later, taking our time to sleep in and eat breakfast. But, in the end, we got started on a big project. Since I was not going to Denver we decided it was a good day to lay the floor in Danny’s room. One of our dogs, ChiuLin, is a Shih Tzu that sleeps in Danny’s room. And is not completely house broken. Which means that the carpet in there had become stained and smelled. And no amount of shampooing was ever going to completely clean it up. We decided to get linoleum for the room and take up the carpet. Kim had already ripped up the carpet in stages.

Sunday we just had to finish clearing out the room and then lay the linoleum. The cleaning did not take too long. Then Kim sprayed a vinegar water solution on the real bad spots to help kill the smell. While we waited for that to dry Kim tackled Emily’s room for a thorough cleaning. I eventually helped out with that.

Last was the laying of the linoleum, which required some initial figuring out of roles. That was followed by my messing things up a little as far as what I was supposed to be doing. Then we figured out how to correct that, and got into a little better rhythm. And were able to get it all done. Finishing up around 8 at night after cleaning up and showering.

I was completely wiped out. I had not had a day like that in quite a while. It was not easy that is for sure. You could tell it had been a while because there was a little more than the usual amount of bickering between us before we found our usual teamwork. In the end, though, it got done.

This morning I could look at Emily’s clean room, the finished floor, and think that it was worth it. To be honest, I was actually kind of glad to skip the game in Denver. I think I needed a break from that game, it needs to be a monthly game. Now we have a mostly finished household project. A cleaner house. A lot of laundry done. And I can look forward to 2 short weeks of work followed by a weeks vacation.



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