Thankfully putting it off, and relaxing #Kids #weekend

I took yesterday off from work. We had to take Danny to a big Doctor appointment, where the news was a mixed blessing. But I did get some time to just relax some. And of course tomorrow is the weekend, and I get to play this weekend.

Danny has been seeing an Orthodontist for a while now. Which was not a huge surprise, genetics and all that. Well, his orthodontist had told us that he had effectively done all that he could. That the real problem was that his lower jaw is set back a little. Which means he has an overbite that no amount of orthodontia will correct.

Yesterday we had a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in Orthognathic surgery. This is really pretty serious stuff. Fortunately, we were able to get a free consultation with this surgeon to discuss it. After a long spiel about what the surgery involves, and all the factors involved we actually saw the Doctor. He did some looking at Danny, at the various images. And advised us that it would be best to wait until Danny is older, maybe the summer after he graduates from high school. That in some cases performing this surgery at Danny’s age might not correct things long term, that he might have a relapse etc.

This was a relief on multiple levels. First, for Danny and his development, I think this is a good thing. He has enough other issues that adding in all of the time from recovery etc would things worse. I know that from personal experience, that going through Middle school is hard enough without dealing a big medical issue. Second, this is not a remotely small medical bill, and we would have to jump through some hoops to get it done. And who knows how that will work in 5-6 years. Third, I know that we are putting this all off, but at least we can plan ahead for it, and know that major event is out there on the horizon. Last, I am not running to look for another opinion because any time a surgeon says that it is okay to wait on an extremely expensive procedure I trust them.

We have some events this weekend, but none that will be especially taxing. We are attending a family birthday at someone else’s house on Saturday, so no problems with hosting. Sunday I have my Denver game, which is nice and something to look forward to.

I do plan to try to get some cleaning done around the house on Saturday, putting the kids to work. On that note, I have been trying something different this week with the kids. And the results have been good for the most part. I have been assigning all of them daily chores, simple stuff. And for the most part, I think that has helped keep the house under control. That went well enough that I plan to keep it up in coming weeks.


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