Today’s outrage #Politics #Trump

I woke up to this astounding piece of news from The Evil One’s latest speech.

It is not so much that he was speaking complete fabricated truths, which is unusual. It is the way he phrased it and spoke of this that it irked me. I am beginning to think that he is living a complete dream world.

I remember at one time coming up with an idea for a role playing game setting. It would be to play in the world of the CBS network Prime Time procedurals. The world of NCIS and CSI. Where terrorist plots, bombings and attacks happen with regular frequency. Where The best & the brightest are working for secretive agencies and pitting themselves against secretive masterminds. Where serial killers are masters of their craft and can kill with impunity until one of the secretive agencies figures them out. It is a gripping world, and if you spend too much time with it, you can begin to think that is what the world is really like. But it is just fiction.

I am beginning to think that Donald Trump really thinks that fictional world exists. That there are brilliant mastermind criminals out there just plotting to kill us all and destroy our country. And that there are brilliant people who could solve all of these problems if we could just unleash them and let do whatever they say is necessary.

It reminds me of the attitude that began to permeate the country after the release of Rambo: First Blood Part 2. When young people who had not served began to trumpet this idea that we could have won in Vietnam if we had just approached the war correctly.

I have news for Donald Trump and the rest of this ilk. The world is not a TV procedural. You cannot track down and kill any terrorist just by unleashing the best and the brightest minds. Not every problem can be solved in a day’s work or a week long mini-series story arc. The problems of this world are complex and require a lot of work to resolve.

If you could solve the world’s problems with some prayer and by saying the right things in a few speeches than life would be very different. It takes action, work, and thought. Acting differently is being willfully ignorant. And that is no way to lead a country.


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