That was pretty much exactly what I needed #Weekend #Life

I got the weekend I needed. I got plenty of time to myself. And time doing what really enjoy. With no major required gatherings or any of that. As a result, I feel much better about life this morning. Despite a really crazy start to the day and week, I am still feeling good.

Friday night was quiet and uneventful. Saturday was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the movie. The D&D game went well, despite the results. And I then got a nice quiet evening to relax and recover. Sunday I had an enjoyable game in Denver. It was not an eventful game, but the time away was refreshing.

There were some traumas. Our dryer died unexpectedly, but we have some work arounds that will last the week at least (thanks, Mom.) The boys had a few moments of excitement. And through it all, I kept a good even demeanor.

For now, I will take the weekend as it was, a good break and refresher.


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