Being selfish for once #MentalHealth #Life

After two weekends full of family events, hosting multiple gatherings, and a house full of family or kids or both, I get to be a little selfish. Not that I did not enjoy myself the last two weekends, I did for the most part. But the scheduling worked out for me to make this weekend about me. Which is good for me once in a while.

Saturday Danny will be gone on a Boy Scout backpacking overnight trip. This will be his first of these, and it is a good opportunity for him as it is a small group and a relatively short hike so it should not overwhelm him. On the same day, Kim will be taking Emily to an all day Girl Scout event, a reward for her being a top seller of Girl Scout cookies. Which opened that day up for me.

I knew it was time for my D&D game with the boys. By coincidence, it is the opening weekend of the Warcraft movie. I have never played the game, and neither have the boys, but we are all somewhat familiar with it. I decided that I will take the boys to go see the early show and then return to play D&D, hopefully, inspired a little by the movie. I am pretty excited by this. I know the reviews have been negative for the most part, but I am going for the action and the visuals, I am not expecting Shakespeare. That means that day is about me, seeing a movie I want to see and then running the D&D game.

Sunday is my Pathfinder game in Denver. Which means I get some time to myself on the drive both ways. And then spending time doing what I love with no worries about anything else.

It is funny that as an introvert that I enjoy a social hobby so much. I have been thinking about that recently. Because it is a seeming contradiction. The difference is that when I am role playing I am disappearing into the game. The only thing I am concerned with is the game. Unlike a party or family gathering where I have a number of things to disrupt my focus and get distracted by.

That is what this weekend is for me. A chance to dive into my hobby and do things that do not require me to worry about what else is going on. Leave all the other concerns behind. That is what I mean by being selfish. It will be a nice break.


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