This really is a BFD! Time to unite behind her #Politics

What has been inevitable for a couple of months was made official last night. As Hillary Clinton finalized the nomination for the Democratic Party. This is a Big Fucking Deal folks! As the child of a strong woman who had to fight her share of battles in a world dominated by men I for one welcome the opportunity to vote for the female candidate of a major political party. I welcome the chance to follow up a minority male with a female President.

To all of my many friends who have been Sanders supporters, I get it. I know your pain. I recognize that the ideological views of Bernie Sanders are far closer to our Progressive views. I am closer to his views than Hillary’s in most cases (except gun control.) I think that his approach to many things would help the country. There is a fundamental problem with economic inequality in this country that needs to be addressed. None of this changes that.

A lot of people complain that Hillary is not a true Progressive. That her ideals have been compromised, that she gets too much money from the banks and other big money sources. That she is a warmonger who will pursue a terrible foreign policy. And of course, we as a nation have been continually exposed to an unending barrage of hatred against Hillary for nearly 25 years now.

Here is the big crucial point, though. And the reason why this is a such a big deal. We live in a large ethnically, culturally and geographically diverse country that is technologically very advanced. A country that has, up until 2008, been represented by old white men. It is about time that our national leadership represented the entire population.

Economics does matter, it is a big deal. But changing our representation to adhere closer to the entire nation is an even bigger deal. Particularly in this election when her opponent is the personification of everything that is terrible and bad about the old culture in this country.

I remember being moved to tears when Obama was elected. At what that moment meant for our country. And electing Hillary in the face of terrible hatred and cultural fear will mean even more. This is the chance for us as a country to renounce fear and hatred. Embrace our entire culture, not just the world of old white men.


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