Whew, fun, but exhausting visit #Family #Mentalhealth

This weekend was amazing. My brother and family came into town for the weekend for a visit. We had a birthday celebration for my brothers as a result. And we combined that with a farewell party for my sister and her family as they moved out of town. And to top that we had a party for the boys at our house to celebrate the end of the school year. Which meant not a day went by without us hosting some visitors at our house for a gathering.


Here I am with my brothers and our parents. We do not get a lot of these shots, so it was nice to get a picture of all of us.


Here are all of the cousins (plus one neighbor girl.) They all had a great time together. It was very nice how well they all got along. So well in fact that my youngest nephew was absolutely heartbroken when it was time to leave and give final farewells. And they both loved being at our house.


A fun moment I was able to capture. As the two Dans ate together.


The party at our house was a fun time for the kids. Danny was able to have 3 of his best buddies over. And we turned on the hose to keep the trampoline from getting too hot. As this weekend once again showed that the trampoline was far and away one of the best investments we have ever made.


Late in the day when all of the kids got on, and there was the addition of water balloons the trampoline became a place of much excitement.


Having the extra family there was so great. I wish it was easier for us to see each other more often.

All of that time and all of those people was a challenge to be sure. I managed to get some time to myself every day and evening. I did not push myself as far as what I actually did at the gatherings. No major physical activity or exercise, preserving my physical energy. I made sure to just go to sleep and not spend all night watching videos or reading.

And today I get to go over to a friends house for role playing, so I get my time to myself, instead of going home and dealing with the pressures of family. I think that will be enough to keep my mind at ease.



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