Need to be more careful #mentalhealth #Writing

I have been pushing myself hard recently when it comes to posting on this blog. And today I think I paid a price. I posted something without thorough enough thought. And called someone out for no real good reason.

I was forced to apologize for that post. I am not taking it down because I think I made a good point. And I was not as critical as some may think.

The point is that I was posting just for the sake of posting. Writing with no real goal in mind. The reason for that was because I have let my posting become just another obsession. I am realizing that this was a bit of a mistake. Just like anything else in my life if I am not paying attention and let it become an obsession I can gradually go crazy. That is not smart on my behalf.

As a result I will have to take measures to let myself not post. To give myself permission to take a day or more off if I do not have anything good to say. Realize that it will not be the end of the world if I do not post anything.



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