Exhaustion, fun, family, games #Weekend #Mentalhealth

We all had a lot of fun this weekend. But I paid for it in numerous ways. There were live sports and televised sports. There were a lot of people and kids in and around the house with multiple sleepovers. We had multiple family events. And the kids and I enjoyed a rediscovery of an old friend. Through it all, I did my best to keep my head up but it was not easy and I did struggle some.

Friday night we attended the Scout night at the Switchbacks game (our local semi-pro Football club.) Which was a lot of fun for everyone. All of the kids had fun, which was unusual for a live sporting event. Jimmy especially had a great time, getting in with the rowdy fans. It was marred by some atrocious officiating, resulting in a draw game. But we had a good time anyway, even if we ended up awfully tired.

Saturday we started our D&D game, but were not able to complete the game. Because we get cut short with the start of our informal, regular, Memorial Day weekend cookout. We ended up with a fair amount of family coming over. And a lot of kids. For a total of around 15 people at the height of things. I did my utmost to keep in the thick of things, playing games, socializing. But I hit the wall in the evening and sat down to watch the Colorado Rapids game and the end of the NBA game.

Sunday would have been recovery from all of those people. Except that the kids all slept over so I had to make breakfast for everyone. And later in the day, we all went over to Kim’s Aunt & Uncles house for dinner. Which meant yet another gathering of extra people. I did manage some down time before heading over there. But it was still somewhat exhausting. And when we got home we had our nephew staying the night so he & Danny could get early on Monday for a Scouting event. Which meant another restless night of sleep for me.

All of that meant that on Monday, Kim and I were not in the mood for much of anything. I spent most of the day watching TV and videos. And when she got home Kim did the same thing. I was definitely glad for the extra day of rest & recovery.

For some reason, Jimmy got it in his head to rediscover Magic over the weekend. Which was good timing as our nephew had a bunch of the cards and has been wanting someone to play with him and teach him how to build decks. They spent a lot of time playing the game on Saturday night. And then on Sunday took their cards to that event. Which got the bug going for Danny and Emily. Enough that when we got home from that I got my own cards and Danny’s out of hiding and helped them get set up. And the kids spent most of Monday playing games of Magic, even teaching Emily to play. That was nice, to see them all enthusiastic about something that did not involve electronics and was social.

All of that social time was hard on me. I never really got the kind of break that I really needed until Monday. I think it was especially hard to have all those sleepovers. We had extra kids there every night this weekend. Which made it difficult to get my needed rest and especially some quiet time in the morning.

This coming weekend my brother and his family are coming to town. I am really excited for that. Even though I also know that means that we will have the same house full and big family events every day. But I can plan this out a little bit better. And we will not be having any sleepovers as a part of this visit so I will have some time in the mornings to gather my thoughts and prepare. I think I can apply my lessons from this weekend to the coming weekend to keep from falling into a deep funk after the fact on Monday.


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