Recovery complete #Mentalhealth #Life

When I was younger, high school and college age, I recall having a certain pattern for sleeping. This was when I was in my drinking years. One time my Dad asked me about my sleeping patterns. So I told him that I would have a couple of nights when I would get very little sleep (nothing like the combination of booze and kiddie speed) and then I could often recoup that by just having one night or two when I would get like 10-12 hours of sleep. Obviously, this was not sustainable. And it did change when I stopped drinking. And with my depression diagnosis, I moved to a steady 8-9 hours of sleep every night. And that works for the most part.

I am discovering, however, that I have begun to add a new wrinkle to this. Even when I get plenty of sleep during the week I have begun sleeping even more on the weekends. It remains to be seen if this continues when the kids are out of school. But I can only ascribe this as yet another physical defense mechanism. My body knows that I need more recovery time from the stresses of the week so it allows me to rest. The kids becoming more or less self-sufficient in the morning helps too.

What all this means is that I woke up very refreshed today. It was not like we did nothing over the course of the weekend. I ran the D&D game for the boys. We kept the house picked up. And Kim did a lot to get ready for the last Girl Scout meeting of the year. I did lay around a lot on Sunday I will admit.

The result of all this is I am mentally very refreshed and ready for the week. The last full week of the school year. And can look forward to some real transition of the daily routines. I am ready.


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