Some weeks you’ve just gotta say… #Mentalhealth #WTF


I am not saying this was a bad week per se. I have had worse weeks. In fact, there was really only 1 bad day in the week. But that doesn’t counter the fact that it was one of those weeks when I just wanted to say forget it all.

I got in my walking almost every day. The kids were fed. Everyone stuck to a schedule. No one suffered any long term injuries. Really the only thing I can say that gave me this feeling of just wanting to chuck it all was my eating. And that was not all that terrible.

Nope, it just felt like a week when I just wanted to say Fuck it, and not do anything. I didn’t do it. I just really felt like doing so.

Anyway, after today, the little ones are down to 6 days of school. Jimmy has 9 days left. This weekend we will play D&D. And Jimmy will have some buddies stay the night. And because this is Colorado, it is supposed to rain instead of being bright, warm weather. And Kim had her schedule change so she has to work on Saturday and get all of 1 day off so I predict Sunday will not be super productive.

But it really does not matter, because there is nothing pressing. So if we want to just say fuck it, and lay around the house all day on Sunday we can. There is nothing that will stop us from enjoying the day or any rush to get anything done. And that really is what that phrase is all about, stop stressing and enjoy life.


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