It all worked out, worth the work #Weekend #Mentalhealth

The weekend was a success. We devoted time to some fun activities. I managed a good party. And the kids were good for all of it. Even if I am exhausted from it all today, it was well worth it.

I saw this image this morning on Facebook and it was so fitting I had to share.


That was me last night and this morning. Yesterday was the house was full of people. But it was a lot of fun for everyone. I handled it all with grace. And did my level best to make sure that the Mom’s all had their fun times. The morning was a little stressful as I had to work a little harder to get the house ready for the party. But the kids handled their press gang activity pretty well. And in the net, we got some things done that needed to get done that we will see the effects of for a little while.

Friday night and Saturday were fun, relaxed time. I watched another episode of the Youtube show I have become addicted to. Then we took the little ones to Free Comic Book Day, and then to Captain America: Civil War. While Jimmy got to spend a good 24 hours hanging out with his buddies.

And now we can focus on finishing out the school year. Just 2 weeks left more or less. I can continue my new commitments. And have some things to look forward to this coming weekend.


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