A plea to my friends & family #Politics

I remember the early days of FB. I remember the 2008 election. And the years after on FB, when I was willing to engage in day-long battles over whatever political fight seemed worth it. It took me a while but I learned my lesson. I lost a couple of friends that way. Not anyone long term, but still friends. I learned to keep my politics of FB for the most part. And out of my blog, again, for the most part.

Occasionally, however, something comes up that I think merits a word here. Something particularly egregious or terrible, or uplifting might come to my attention and I think it deserves discussion. Well, today I am going to bring one of those up. If you would rather not read it, or think about it, then do not go below the fold.

I get that some of my friends and family are conservative. And that some of you out there are Republicans. That is okay, I may not agree with you, but I can accept it.

I also understand that the media has spent over 2 decades making sure that we all think the worst of Hillary Clinton. That she is a murdering oligarch who is only in it for the power and money. Of course, that narrative is incorrect, but it is what we have spent the past 20+ years hearing. I remember the early Rush Limbaugh TV show from the 90’s when it seemed like an episode could not go by without him finding some way to target her for something. The point is that this has become a part of our lives.

But here is where the plea comes in. No matter how conservative you may be. Or how much you believe the media narrative about Hillary. There is just no justifiable reason to vote for Donald Trump for President. He is a despicable, amoral, bigoted, sexist demagogue of the worst kind. He has zero, zip, zilch governing experience. Even Reagan and W had been Governors of large states.

Trump stands for the worst in our country’s culture and history. He is the type of person who imprisoned Japanese citizens in World War Two. Who maintained Jim Crow for a hundred years. Who instigated riots against immigrants of all kinds. Who fought for ‘America First’ while millions of innocent people were being slaughtered in Germany.

If you vote, vote for your GOP down ticket candidates, and leave the Presidential ticket blank. Or find a third party alternative. But do not use a dislike of Hillary that you have had forced down your throat as an excuse to vote for a has been reality TV star for President. You owe it to your ancestors and to the country as a whole. Do not succumb to hate and fear.


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