With few options, made the most of it #Kids #life

There were some plans for the weekend. But most of them fell apart in the face of the weather. Which is okay because we made the most of it anyway. The necessary things got done. And we still had some fun amidst the snow and rain.

There was some hope for a trip to Denver on Saturday, to get the passes to the amusement park, and maybe a short museum visit. But the sketchy weather put an end to that idea. But we did get some things done. Kim did a spring cleaning of Emily’s wardrobe. Danny got some new shoes. And Jimmy got a lot of school work made up over the course of the weekend. So it was a good weekend as far as the basic weekend projects.

Jimmy did get to have some fun. Going to a birthday party for a couple of hours on Saturday. He also helped Danny pick out a new game for the Xbox, which they proceeded to paly a lot over the course of the weekend. It was good to see them playing together and having fun. Especially considering that Danny had been suffering from a bug last week.

I still went up to Denver on Sunday for my game. The driving was fine, just a lot of wet snow and rain, with nothing on the roads. And Kim managed to keep the whip cracking on the kids over the course of the day to get the house ready for the week.

Kim and I watched a lot of TV over the weekend. Which is what happens when you are shut in by the weather, but do not have the motivation to undertake any major projects. I was fine with that, it is one of those things that we enjoy doing together.

We had a brief visit from my sister on Friday night. It was nice to see her and get caught up. Even if the kids were not exactly on their best behavior.

And now today I can start a month fresh, with some hopes and plans. And hopefully the weather will cooperate in coming weekends. And count down the last few weeks of the school year.


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