How times change #NFL #Hobbies

Hey, guess what? Today is the first day of the NFL Draft! This used to be a big day of the year for me. I remember when I threatened to take the day off work just to watch the draft. And spending all day glued to the TV watching each pick.

Of course, the draft itself has changed. It has gone from one day to a 3 day event. And instead of just a weekend event it now occupies the prime time of 2 weekdays. Which makes it a little easier if you are a junkie to really get your fix. You do not have to devote a full day to it anymore really. And of course, with Twitter, and the internet in general, there is so much more coverage that it would be possible to really overdose on it all.

All of which makes me happy that those days are behind me for the most part. Following sports has become more of an intellectual exercise for me than a past time. I read up on my team news every day. But I have less and less desire to devote more time than that. It just does not have the same appeal.

I would much rather spend my time on my other hobbies. If you told me I could spend an afternoon devoted to any of my past times, watching sports has gradually moved down the list. Spending Super Bowl Sunday playing Pathfinder was a big step for me, one that I am quite pleased with.

Because watching sports is a passive event for the most part. It can be social, and you can enjoy it with others. But in the end, you are not really using your brain in the same fashion.



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